Slice 8 Copy 768 px 100 px Slice 8 200 px 200 px Triangle Triangle Spec Fill: none Stroke: Solid 13pt #4990E2
Stop spec'ing by hand

Design. Iterate. Spec. Sync.

It's a whole new way of working together. Simplify your design to dev production with Specctr's new panel and new automated annotation features.

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Introducing Specctr 3.0

Spec in just a few easy steps!

Our newest panel is better than ever. New options and settings to accommodate both web and print projects. Instantly annotate and measure right from Adobe CC. Change the way you spec forever.

1  “Design Doc”
4    H1{
5      font-family: "Work sans", sans-serif;
6      font-size: 25px;
7    }
9    body {
10     font-family: "Work sans", sans-serif;
11     font-size: 15px;
12     line-height: 1.4;
13     color: #6C6F73;
14     background-color: #fff;
15    }
Stay insync

Specctr Cloud Beta

Annotate designs in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Sync annotated designs to Specctr Cloud. Share annotated designs with developers and other designers.

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It's a game changer

Change how your team works with these features.

Object Spec: Color, font, line height, opacity and more.

Dimensions and Coordinates: Precise width and height, on the left, right, bottom or top.

Add Notes: Add custom notes to give extra details to any element.

Spec Text: Spec paragraph and text styles, including line height and letter spacing.

Spacing: Select two objects to spec the spacing between them, or select one object to spec the distance between an object and it's artboard.

Sync: Get the latest version of Specctr panel on the cloud. Use Projects Beta to sync and share with your team.

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Specctr Lite is free for the design community with limited features.

  • Plugs in to Adobe Ps, Ai and Id
  • Features text Spec + dimensions
  • Support via the community forum
  • No cloud access

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Start your free two week trial today. Fall in love with Specctr 3.0

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  • Plugs in to Adobe Ps, Ai and Id
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