It's all in the details

3.0 Specs

  • Expand Canvas
  • Movable/editable labels
  • Specs organized in layers
  • Multispec, spec multiple objects
  • Number -or- line specs
  • Art boards compatible
  • Width & height
  • Coordinates
  • Spacing between object and canvas
  • Spacing between multiple objects
  • Spacing between text objects
  • Fill Color
  • Stroke color, size, style
  • Opacity / filter
  • Corner radius
  • Font family
  • Size
  • Color
  • Opacity, Filter
  • Alignment, Leading, kerning
  • Spec text in em
  • Color options: RGB, HEX, HSB, HSL, CMYK, SPOT
  • Spec text style control
  • Line weights
  • Units set in Adobe's global preferences: px, points, inch, mm
  • Different color for each spec types
  • Label position control
  • Scaling option
  • Spec distances in %
  • Spec type in em
  • Spec type in em
  • Color mode in Hex, RGB, iOS RGB as %
  • Specs to CSS
  • Specs to Cloud
  • Sync styles to projects page
  • Share projects with other users
  • Preview CSS

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Change how your team works with these features.

Object Spec: Color, font, line height, opacity and more.

Dimensions and Coordinates: Precise width and height, on the left, right, bottom or top.

Add Notes: Add custom notes to give extra details to any element.

Spec Text: Spec paragraph and text styles, including line height and letter spacing.

Spacing: Select two objects to spec the spacing between them, or select one object to spec the distance between an object and it's artboard.

Sync: Get the latest version of Specctr panel on the cloud. Use Projects Beta to sync and share with your team.